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June 14 2017


Seeing the Beautiful Sights of Wayanad While Staying with Locals

Many experienced travelers regard the Wayanad region of Kerala, India, as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Still lightly populated and largely unspoiled despite many years as a top tourist destination, Wayanad is full of wondrous and striking things to see. Experiential Stays that put travelers in touch with Wayanad in direct, engaged ways can make any visit that much more rewarding and exciting. Since booking wayanad homestays has become so much easier than in the past, many visitors now opt for such arrangements as a matter of course.

Allen Baler

The key, in most cases, to ensuring a suitable and satisfying experience will be to connect with a provider who is dedicated to finding and working with the best possible hosts. Interest in traveling to Wayanad is high enough that some services get by without doing their due diligence, and that can be unfortunate for their clients. On the other hand, a few agencies consistently stand out by vetting would-be hosts for wayanad homestays to ensure that the travelers they work with will always be accommodated at a truly high level.

Given that this box has been checked, wayanad homestays can easily make for the best way of all of getting to know the district. Many travelers set their sights on the famed Chembra Peak right from the beginning, with the 2100-meter height of the summit affording incredible views of all the natural beauty in the area. Getting to the top does require a strenuous climb, meaning that most will want to do some preparing beforehand. For those who make the effort, however, a night spent camping a the summit often turns out to be one of the most memorable of all.

Wayanad is also famous worldwide for its waterfalls, and many of these are much more accessible than the lofty heights of Chembra Peak. Perhaps the most popular such feature of all is the Meenmutty complex, a group of falls located not far from the peak known as Neelimala in the southern part of the district. Even those who might be put off from climbing to the top of Neelimala will often find a gentle trek to Meenmutty easy enough to carry out, with the spectacular sights that result inevitably making for great pictures and memories.

With many more fascinating and beautiful places to see and explore, Wayanad is a true delight for travelers. Even if there are now many options in the district when it comes to accommodations, many find that staying with hospitable locals ends up being the best choice of all. 

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